Paediatric Emergency Medicine

Updated: 20th July 2018

This course has been designed to provide a blended learning approach to the teaching based on the Paediatric Subspecialty Emergency Medicine curriculum. There are various tasks and resources that will enhance your understanding of each topic and compliment the face-to-face teaching.

This course is mandatory for our PEM trainees, but every module is suitable for all grades of doctors and nurses that work in a Paediatric ED environment.

For each module we have adopted the following format:

  • STOP 🛑 (an opportunity to review the curriculum)

  • LOOK 👓 (#FOAMped resources to read)

  • LISTEN 🎧 (a collection of audio/podcasts)

  • GO 🏁 (face-to-face teaching sessions)

With the exception of face-to-face teaching sessions, all of the above is freely available to access via the PEM course.

Each modules can be accessed by clicking on the relevant boxes below. Any questions? Please email the course administrator (