Shop Floor Teaching

Currently our bookable shop floor teaching is run by ED consultants and education fellows for doctors of all grades.

You can request to do a DOPS or Mini-CEX as part of your shop floor session.

Each session is up to 1 hour in duration. You can book either a specific time slot with a consultant; or a 1-hour session with one of the education fellows that will take place at some point within a 4-hour period.

How it works

  1. You need to be on shift for the day you choose.

  2. The person doing shop floor teaching will find you during their teaching shift. If you need to know who is running your shop floor session that day, you can contact our Education Administrator.

  3. If doing a Mini-CEX we will need to observe you seeing a patient.

  4. We will then sit down and discuss the case, give you feedback and form a management plan.

  5. Send a Mini-CEX from your ePortfolio.