CBD Clinic

Bookable Case Based Discussion (CBD) clinics are run by consultants and education fellows for both Adult and Paediatric cases.

You are able to book into 1 slot if you are on shift. You will be allowed 30 minutes off the shop floor to attend.

If you wish to come in on a day off you will be able to book into 2 adjacent slots (please don’t book sessions between night shifts as this will affect your rest period).

Your booking confirmation will tell you where the CBD clinic will take place (this can be in either the meeting rooms in the Balmoral ED admin offices or in the Undercroft, downstairs in ED).

How it works

  1. Select a case that either; you have found interesting or challenging and wish to discuss further, or one that fulfils a curriculum item.

  2. State the topic of the case when booking, or email the Education Administrator in advance so we know what you want to talk about.

  3. Have access to the notes when you attend

  4. Do some reading around the topic in advance

  5. Send a CBD ticket from your ePorfolio.