Adult & Paediatric Quizzes


The following quizzes are made up of 25-50 questions designed to cover a range of presentations to the Adult & Paediatric Emergency Department (ED). Each question consists of a short clinical scenario with a mixture of observations and investigation findings. There is then a lead in question, followed by a number of options.

Select the single best answer to any given question. Answers are based on national guidelines, scoring systems and UHL/ED management guidelines. There are no trick questions and no negative marking, feedback will be given if you get a question wrong with advice on where to look for the correct answer.

Your score will be automatically generated and a report sent to your ED Clinical Supervisor. This will be discussed at your first appraisal meeting.

Select Your Quiz:

Adults ED Quiz (card).png

Required by:

FY1, EFU & FY2 (Adults)

Paeds ED Quiz (card).png

Required by:

FY2 (Paeds) & Registrar (Paeds)

Adults + Paeds ED Quiz (card).png

Required by:

GPVTS, Non-training CESR, CT3 & International