Emergency Medicine Research

Emergency Medicine Research is a growing topic and within it a wide variety of research is performed covering a range of specialities which involves collaborative working within other areas.

Within ED at the LRI we have the Emergency Medicine Academic Group (EMAG) lead by Professor Tim Coats supported by a team of researchers (more information can be found on www.le.ac.uk/emag). All doctors within the department are encouraged to take part in research and support our current trials.

Research is also one of the areas identified by The College of Emergency Medicine; Common Competences for Emergency Medicine section CC20 (link found in additional resources) and by completing the tasks set out you will be at level 1 of the competencies heading towards the higher levels.

Once you have completed the tasks please complete the CV template, print off, sign and contact the research team via Emag.Office@uhl-tr.nhs.uk to arrange face to face trial training which takes approximately 30minutes. Once you have completed this you will be able to recruit to the HALT-IT and Crash 3 studies and will receive a certificate for each recruit for your portfolio.

More coming soon...