Welcome to Emergency Medicine at UHL

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Emergency Medicine is an exciting and dynamic speciality, but it can also be daunting, especially if you haven't worked in an Emergency Department (ED) before.

However, almost all of your predecessors’ feedback to us has been positive and that they learnt more with us than in any other post (regardless of their final career choice or level of training). There are lots of opportunities to learn and grow as a doctor at the University Hospitals of Leicester and we hope to ensure your time with us is educational, productive and enjoyable!

This induction programme is designed to give some useful advice to help you in your role within the ED team at Leicester Royal Infirmary, but this same information is relevant to anyone starting in Emergency Medicine.


Introduction to the Paediatric ED

Dr Sam Jones, Paeds Consultant for the Children's Emergency Department at UHL explains how Paeds ED works

Introduction to the Emergency Room

Dr Ben Teasdale, Consultant Lead for ER at UHL explains how the Emergency Room (aka Resus) works


Introduction to Majors ED

Dr Mandeep Johal, ED Deputy Head of Service explains how the Majors ED area works

Introduction to Blue Zone

Dr Vivek Pillai, ED Head of Service at UHL explains how the Blue Zone works


Introduction to Adult Assessment, Injuries and Primary Care streams

Dr Nicholas Scott, ED Consultant talks about the Adult Assessment Zone, Injuries stream (aka Blue Zone) & Primary Care stream

Introduction to Emergency Decisions Unit (EDU)

Dr Faisal Aijaz, EM Registrar and Geriatric Fellow explains the purpose of EDU and what new ED staff might expect when working in this area


Induction to ED Adult Majors

This video gives a guided tour to new staff working in the Adult Majors area of the UHL's Emergency Department

Induction to Acute Medical Unit (AMU)

Dr Vittal Jadhav, acute medicine consultant gives a brief tour for new staff working on AMU


Preparing for the job before Induction

As with any new job there are many logistical elements to sort. We try and make things as easy as possible for you. As well as setting up all the accounts you’ll need to work in the department, we also organise your ID badge in advance and make sure that you finish induction not only with the scrubs to start your first shift, but the knowledge of what is expected of you.

  1. Read and digest the email regarding your rota (there is a Q&A during induction)

  2. Read the induction timetable if you are not sure where you need to be ask us in advance – we’re happy to help!

  3. Please read the 3 clinical guidelines included in your induction email – we’ve sent them to you in advance as we think it will make your start easier for you.

Induction Modules


Preparing for the job after Induction

  1. Please read the doctors handbook – you will receive a hardcopy at induction

  2. Read the following policies & guidelines (you’ll receive them in your pack on the first day of induction):

    • We want to be able to help you if you have health problems or need special leave so we’re giving you the rules to help you navigate the system:

      • Sickness reporting information

      • Sickness absence policy

      • Special leave policy

  3. Complete the car parking application form (these can be collected in the car park office):

    • It’s one of the only things we can’t do for you

    • If you ever need to move your car during a shift let the EPIC (Emergency Physician In Charge) know at the start of the shift – we value you and want to make sure you are safe getting to and from your car during shift work

  4. Introduce yourself to your supervisor & ensure you book your first appointment; a list of PA’s for the consultant team is in your induction pack.


Staff Rota

We acknowledge that our Rota at first glance can appear complicated. There is a key on each page explaining times and locations. We also have a dedicated session at induction for explanation and queries regarding the Rota.

The Rota is now fixed and any adjustments must take place between you and a colleague at an equivalent level in the form of swaps. Swaps can only occur if approved by the medical staffing team.

Life outside work is important – we all know that there are something’s in life we really can’t or don’t want to miss.

We’ll help you wherever we can. The more notice you give us the more chance we have of being able to help you.

Contact Details: Georgia Wilkins, Junior Doctors Administrator (0116) 258 5646


Teaching & Training

Teaching and training is very high on our priorities and we want to try and enable you to learn as much as you can with us. To this end, we facilitate the following:

...and much more!

  • Teaching programs (with a Rota that allows you to attend the vast majority)

  • Dedicated Consultant and Teaching Fellow teaching shifts

  • CBD clinics (bookable away from the shop floor)

  • Bookable sim sessions

  • Online educational resources

  • Specific guidance for F2 regarding mandatory teaching sessions

If you have joined us in a non-training post please liaise with your clinical supervisor as to which educational resources you can access.

Contact Details:

Dr Ffion Davies, ED Consultant & Adult Education Lead for Adults (0116) 258 5812

Dr Gareth Lewis, ED Consultant & Education Lead for Paediatrics (0116) 258 6782

James McGarr, ED Education Administrator (0116) 258 5195


Clinical Governance

We want our patients and staff to be safe. You are our ground level eyes and ears if you see something you don’t think is right speak up, discuss it with a senior on the shop floor. Submit a Datix (incident form) if it’s appropriate. If you think there is a theme of issues consider speaking to the clinical governance lead directly.

If you are unsure, the EPIC should be contacted if it relates to something happening in front of you on the shop floor, if it’s come to your attention after the event consider discussing it with your supervisor.

Whatever you do don’t feel that you are all alone – please speak to a senior. We also like to share positive learning too – so please consider completing a #GREATix. If you have any queries that relating to anything not specifically covered during induction, then your supervisor should be your first port of call.

Contact Details:

Dr Amy Jones, ED Consultant & Clinical Governance Lead (0116) 258 5168

Julie Rockley, Sister & Clinical Governance Lead (0116) 258 2170

“We look forward to meeting and working with you!”
Dr Vivek Pillai, Dr Rachel Rowlands & Dr Mandeep Johal (ED Heads of Service)