SBAR & Handover

Clinical handover occurs at multiple stages in a patients journey through the Emergency Department (ED). A poor handover can lead to significant untoward incidents (SUIs), and even patient death.

At Leicester Royal Infirmary we have adopted the SBAR communication tool to allow for an effective handover. Follow our YouTube series with ED Consultant Dr Pro Mukherjee as he leads you on a virtual journey with one such patient!

β€œEdis is a 72-year-old lady who has had (what sounds like) a transient ischemic attack (TIA), which has caused her to fall and fracture her left ankle. She will be arriving by ambulance...” πŸ₯ πŸš‘
— Dr. Pro Mukherjee

SBAR in action! (#1)

The patient arrives to the ED via ambulance and the ambulance crew is using SBAR communication to handover to the ED staff

SBAR in action! (#2)

The patient is now in the Assessment Zone and a healthcare assistant (HCA) is trying to get some blood results checked


SBAR in action! (#3)

The patient is now in the Majors area and a nurse is speaking with a doctor about getting some painkillers prescribed

SBAR in action! (#4)

A locum SHO working in Majors is now speaking with the Majors registrar for advice about how to manage the patient


SBAR in action! (#5)

Finally, the ED registrar is now using SBAR to speak with the Medical registrar  in order to admit the patient