ED Story Time

ED Story Time

There are two ways to share knowledge: You can PUSH information out, or you can PULL them into my STORY.


Hello, my name is Saad Jawaid and I am a senior trainee in Emergency Medicine in the East Midlands.

If you enjoy stories, pictures and emergency medicine, visit my blog at EDTimeStories.com. An Emergency Medicine FOAMed resource that combines EM education with the ancient art of story telling. All of the stories are inspired by true life events and have taken place at the Storifield Royal. Special thanks is owed to my 4 year old daughter who loves to be told two new tales every night and who pushes my imagination beyond its limits (although crocodiles are not allowed!)

Every full moon, I will tell a story. The three types of stories will be:

  1. “Story of a picture”

  2. A longer case to “inspire me”

  3. A picture demonstrating the right and not so right way of doing things “naughty.bad.superb”

I will aim to cover both technical and non-technical skills essential in all fields of medicine but with a focus on Emergency medicine. All stories are followed by learning tales (3-4 bullet points) which are evidence based.

My fourth case received a large amount of media attention, it was covered in:

  1. The BMJ

  2. The Daily Mail

  3. The Independent

  4. The Leicester Mercury

  5. The Mirror

  6. Yahoo

  7. The Star

  8. The Sun

I'd love for you to join me for future stories and hope you find it a useful and interesting resource. 

Help me improve by leaving your comments and feedback on the website and follow me on Twitter.

Happy reading...

#SimBlog: SVT

#SimBlog: SVT

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