#PEST2015: Neonate with Respiratory Distress

#PEST2015: Neonate with Respiratory Distress

“3-week-old baby. Cough & cold symptoms for a few days, worsening breathing over last 48 hours. Off feeds, last fed yesterday evening. Episode of ?stopped breathing this morning.”


RR – 70

SpO2 – 89% in air

HR – 180

BP – 60/40

CRT – 3 secs

Clinical findings

  • Crying

  • Respiratory distress

  • Apnoeas requiring BVM ventilation


Why we simulated?

In young babies presenting features are often non-specific so it is important to consider a range of diagnoses in the sick infant. During the bronchiolitis season we are at risk of missing cardiac babies if we don’t keep an open mind.


Learning outcomes

  1. In UHL our prostaglandin is “Dinoprost” and there is a prescribing aid available on the intranet.

  2. In a young baby with hypoxia not responding to oxygen consider cardiac causes.

Positive feedback

  • Supported breathing well with BVM ventilation.

  • Recognition of likely cardiac cause in this patient.

  • Early administration of prostaglandin.

Edit & Peer Review by Jamie Sillett
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