The latest in our series of quick learning bites, designed to tie in with education and sims running in the department.
— (advice is based on our local guidelines which may differ from your hospital's policies)

Mental Health in the ED

The assessment of patients with mental health problems is a necessary skill for working in the ED, self harm is a common presentation and we are seeing more of it. Suicide risk assessment can also feature as an OSCE base in the college exams. RCEM and RCPsych have also launched the CLEAR campaign for Emergency Care of Mental Health Problems (see image below).

For more learning resources on mental health we have modules in our Foundation CourseACCS Course and PEM Course.

Further Resources:

Its not just about our patients...

Times are hard and there are lots of stressors on Medical Staff at the moment, there are resources out there to help if you are struggling. Please look after each other and speak up if you need help or consider contacting some of the organisations below:

  1. BMA (Doctors in Difficulty)

  2. Doctors Support Network

  3. GMC Resources for Doctors with Health Concerns (links to lots of organisations)