Lightning Learning: Tuberculosis

Lightning Learning: Tuberculosis

“There are between 5000-6000 new TB cases every year in England (UK), with those in lower socioeconomic environments being most at risk.”
— advice is based on local guidelines & procedures


There are between 5000-6000 new TB cases every year in England (UK)

Who is at risk?

Recent residence in an endemic country, low socioeconomic status, ethnic minorities homelessness, institutional living (e.g. prisons, homeless shelters), young and very old, those who are immunosuppressed.

General symptoms

  • Lack of appetite and weight loss

  • High fever

  • Drenching night sweats

  • Extreme tiredness or fatigue

Pulmonary TB symptoms

  • A persistent cough lasting more than 3 weeks +/- haemoptysis +/- sputum

  • Gradual breathlessness


Extrapulmonary TB Symptoms

  • Lymphadenopathy

  • Abdominal pain

  • Joint pain in affected joint

  • Confusion

  • Persistent headache

  • Seizures

If you think someone has TB in the ED – isolate them ASAP!

If this is a new diagnosis of TB consider checking HIV status (with patients permission). TB is the most common AIDS-defining illness, and this may be the first suggestion that a patient had HIV.

Consult local guidance for latest management.

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#SimBlog: Paediatric monthly round-up

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