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Rash, Wounds & Burns [Case #1]

"A 30 year old man is brought into Resus having had a fight with his partner, who boiled a kettle and threw the contents over his chest.The reg is busy and it is up to you to manage the case. You feel he has a 15% burn covering his chest and left arm."

Weakness, Paralysis & Falls [Case #2]

"An 86 year old lady attends your ED for the fourth time this year, having fallen at home. She remembers getting up from her chair and ending up on the floor. She has not injured herself but was unable to get back up off of the floor"

The Shocked Patient [Case #2]

"A 25 year old lady has returned from her holiday in Australia, she too has become short of breath. She also has noticed some pains in her calf and now she has a stabbing pain in the left of her chest, worse every time she breathes in. She also takes the OCP."