Interpretation of the ECG is as much an art as it is a science.
— Amal Mattu

What You Will Need

ECG bingo is a short game for individuals or teams.

Learning Objective: Recognition of common and/or significant ECG rhythms

To play you will need:

A tutor/facilitator guide is available here (please read this before running the session as it includes some important setup instructions).

How To Play

The rules are as follows:

  1. Teams of 2-3 (depending on the level of your participants it may be suitable for individuals rather than teams).

  2. Each team has one bingo card with 9 ECG descriptions.

  3. ECGs will be displayed, if the ECG is on your card cross it off.

  4. First team to cross off all nine calls “HOUSE

Depending on the level of your participants it may be reasonable to allow them to shout out the rhythm/abnormality on the ECG.

We created this under creative commons and are happy for you to share it as #FOAMed. Let us know any suggestions or improvements we can make.

Original idea by E. Nicholl and K. Vincent Edit by J.Sillett