Lightning Learning: Winter In Paeds ED

Lightning Learning: Winter In Paeds ED

“Did you know 1-in-3 children will develop Bronchiolitis within their 1st year of life?”
— advice is based on local guidelines & procedures


  1. Respiratory distress will be a common presentation.

  2. Beware bronchiolitis mimics – pneumonia, congenital cardiac disease and other conditions can be missed without careful assessment.

  3. All children awaiting medical beds should have observations taken every hour and repeat clinical reviews at a minimum of 2 hourly intervals.


1-in-3 children will develop bronchiolitis in their 1st year of life.


The following are NOT recommended in the management of Bronchiolitis:

  • Antibiotics

  • Salbutamol

  • Atrovent

  • Adrenaline nebulisers

  • Corticosteroids

  • Hypertonic saline

  • Montelukast

Indicators for admission:

  • Severe respiratory distress

  • Saturations <92% in air

  • Apnoeas

  • Feeding less than half usual

  • Co-existing disease*

  • Prematurity*

(* = potential indicators)



Read the NICE Guideline for Bronchiolitis in Children: diagnosis and management.

Take time to look through the Vapotherm stack in Paeds ER and included guidance for set up.

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