A 25 year old female presents to the ED complaining of LIF pain and PV bleeding. Her LMP was 8/52 ago. Urinary pregnancy test performed at triage was positive.


  • HR: 105

  • BP: 100/55

  • Temp: 36

  • SpO2: 99%


Answer one question before attending the face-to-face teaching session. Add comments to answers already given if you think it's appropriate. The first part of teaching will be spent discussing this case:

  1. What is your differential diagnosis?

  2. Name 3 blood test you would perform in the ED

  3. Give 4 risk factors for ectopic pregnancy

  4. Outline how you would manage a suspected ectopic pregnancy in the ED

  5. What treatment strategies are available for management of ectopic pregnancy?

  6. List 3 circumstances when Anti-D immunoglobulin should be given to rhesus negative women in early pregnancy

  7. Give 2 scenarios in which Anti-D is not required in Rh neg women with bleeding in early pregnancy

  8. What is the correct dose and administration route of Anti-D for this patient?