Submit a GREATix, not just a Datix!

In healthcare we often focus on errors in an effort to learn from our mistakes and avoid further harm. Unfortunately this fails to recognise that the vast majority of what we do on a daily basis is good; indeed some of it is excellent.

Sadly a lot of the learning from excellent practice is missed. We would like to join a growing movement aiming to redress the balance and thereby improve care, morale and resilience. Excellence is perceived differently for everyone but all your opinions count.

Examples may include positive patient outcomes following expert care or a staff member going out of their way to be helpful in some manner.

Ultimately we want to use the completion of a #GREATix to share great practice. We look forward to reading your entries and recognising the excellence you highlight.

Any questions about #GREATix, or want more information? Email us at Please also see the work of Adrian Plunkett at Learning from Excellence.