Why Wellness Matters

Why Wellness Matters

Patients deserve you at your best. You deserve to be at your best. Your team needs you at your best.

Being at your best means...

🤝 Working together for patients

✌️ Respect and dignity

🤞 Commitment to care quality

🤲 Compassionate care

💪 Improvement of people’s lives

👍 Making everyone count

In order to be at your best you must start by putting your wellbeing first. Whatever your job role, whatever your status – we’re all affected and we’re all in this together.

1 in 2 physicians reported frequent burnout.
— Medscape survey 2017
1 in 10 nurses reported that they have considered leaving.
— Health Education England
2 in 3 doctors reported rota gaps as a significant patient safety issue.
— Nuffield Trust 2019
7 in 10 NHS staff reporting illness or mental distress at work.
— Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC) 2018
Nurses need meaningful support to prevent burnout and re-ignite their passion.
— Nursing Times 2018
More support is needed for those who care.
— Professor I. Cumming, HEE chief executive 2019

Why wellbeing matters…

Without small steps to look after yourself – physical health needs start to accumulate. Mental health deteriorates. Medical errors occur. Standards of care drop. Job satisfaction falls. Compassion fatigue kicks in. Team morale suffers. Sick leave increases. And at worst, patients and even staff can die.

The tide is slowly turning as the royal colleges are now prioritising the wellbeing of their members. We’ve compiled examples below from some noteworthy sources that cover the many areas of wellbeing relevant to healthcare professionals.

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