#GEMcon16: Twitter Recap

#GEMcon16: Twitter Recap

“This may sound a little bit idealistic, but when I go to my blog, my Facebook page, my Twitter account, I talk to different people from all over the world, and you see how it’s easy to establish a dialogue.”
— Paulo Coelho

Firstly, a big thank you to those who came to #GEMcon16 – without you it wouldn't have happened. Secondly, a big thank you to those who took part on twitter (and not all of you were even at the conference).

Along with the benefits of the conference extending beyond it's venue (and indeed sometimes even the country it is held in), twitter can provide a record of some of the key points. Being able to access tweets at a later date can act as your notes.

If you want to see all the tweets then search for #GEMcon16.

For those of you who do tweet - did you make it onto our summary below?

Confusion: Delirium, dementia, or both? Assessing altered mental status in the ED

Speaker: Dr Jay Banerjee @POBanerjee

Trauma Units in the 21st Century – Geriatric trauma specialists?

Speaker: Prof Tim Coates @TJCoats

The Geriatric Acute Abdomen: How to get it right

Speaker: Mr Mike Norwood

Acute pain management in the Older People

Speaker: Dr Christian Nickel @replynickel

Achieving good end of life care in the ED

Speaker: Ms Mary Dawood @maryeleanordawo
#SimBlog: Gastroenteritis

#SimBlog: Gastroenteritis

#MiniTeach: A 'Pop' In The Chest

#MiniTeach: A 'Pop' In The Chest