#SimBlog: Cardiac Arrest in Minor Injuries

#SimBlog: Cardiac Arrest in Minor Injuries

“70-year-old Male, self-presented with an ankle injury...”
— Minor Injuries patient

Staff orientation with arrest grab bag

Clinical findings

  • Pale

  • Unresponsive

  • In cardio-respiratory arrest

Why we simulated?

Cardiac arrest can be a challenging condition to treat and stressful for the staff involved. This can be amplified when it occurs in an area where staff are unfamiliar with treating critically ill patients.

Patients can (and do) become seriously unwell in minor injuries areas/units and it is vital that staff are able to respond appropriately in such circumstances.


Learning outcomes

  1. Know your kit – all clinical staff should be familiar with the emergency grab bags and defibrillators.

  2. To get help in an emergency tannoy for “doctor and nurse in charge STAT”.

  3. Give adrenaline ASAP in non-shockable cardiac arrest.

Positive feedback

  • Staff summoned help early.

  • CPR initiated in a timely manner and interruptions minimised.

  • Clear communication between team members.

Edit & Peer Review by Jamie Sillett
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