Lightning Learning: Mumps

Lightning Learning: Mumps


In England and Wales (2018) there were a total of 836 confirmed cases of Mumps. In the 1st quarter of 2019 there have already been 756 confirmed cases.1

Children in the UK have 1st and 2nd MMR vaccines at 12 months and 3 years 4 months.2

1st MMR vaccination is 78% effective (range 49% to 91%) at preventing mumps. Completing two vaccinations of MMR increases this to 88% (range 31% to 95%).3


Parotitis (occurs in 95% of symptomatic cases). Peak size of parotid glands occurs at 2-3 days. A quarter of cases can have unilateral parotitis. Non-specific symptoms include: fever, headache, earache and general malaise.4



Epididymo-orchitis: (15-30% of cases)5 – abrupt painful swelling of testicle with systemic high fever 39-40°C. Occurs usually about 1 week after parotitis symptoms.

Oophoritis: (5% of cases)5

Viral Meningitis: (up to 15% of cases)5 – usually occurs about 4 days after parotitis, but can precede it.

Pancreatitis: (4-8% of cases) often transient.5

Deafness: (rare)5

Treatment: supportive.

School/Work Exclusion: 5 days after the development of parotitis for school children or those working in healthcare settings.

This is a Notifiable Disease!

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