Lightning Learning: Anaemia

Lightning Learning: Anaemia

“Anaemia is a common incidental finding in the ED. Symptoms may include pale skin, fatigue, breathlessness and many more...”
— advice is based on local guidelines & procedures


Anaemia is a common incidental finding in the ED


Microcytic, aka 'TICS'


Iron deficiency

Chronic disease

Sideroblastic anaemia

Normocytic, aka 'ABBRA'

Anaemia of chronic disease

Bone marrow infiltration,

Bone marrow failure

Renal failure

Acute haemorrhage

Macrocytic, aka ‘BALD HAIR'

B12/B9 deficiency


Liver disease

Drugs (e.g. phenytoin)


Aplastic anaemia & myelodysplasia

Increased Reticulocytes



The WHO definition of anaemia is a haemoglobin (Hb) concentration of...

<120g/L (Hb<36%) in females

<130g/L (Hb<39%) in males

Microcytic, MCV <80 fL

Normocytic, MCV 80→100 fL

Macrocytic, >100 fL


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