Simulation is the imitation of the operation of a real-world process or system over time

Thank you to everybody who attended #GEMcon16 and helped to make it a success, we would especially like to thank those who attended our workshop on the value of inter-disciplinary simulation for geriatrics. For those who attended I have included the links to several resources below. For those who didn't attend the resources may also be useful.

TOP 10 Tips for Starting:

If you are interested in starting your own simulation program it is worth reading the excellent advice from Simon Carley (@EMManchester)

For those of you with access to the EMJ:

Alternatively the FOAMed version can be found at St. Emlyn's:

An insight from Paediatrics...

(Bear with us on this one)

Paeds Sim: Not For Dummies - Phil Hydes

This podcast from the Social Media and Critical Care Conference (SMACC) discusses the benefits of using real patients (in this case children) as the patient in their simulations.

Want a Sim Scenario You Can Do Tomorrow?
  • Why not adapt this - it is easy to make the patient a confused person who has wandered off from majors/ the decision unit/ the ward. Absconded patient sim. This one is great as it tests real processes