Hello and welcome to our website

This is a project that has been born out of our local teaching program, which last year we expanded to the whole of the LETB.

We use a flipped classroom model (homework before the lesson) using FOAMed to deliver content to our trainees. We have scoured the web to map a range of resources to the RCEM curriculum and tied this in with face to face sessions. (Click here to find out more). Currently we have uploaded our Foundation Course and started on the Paediatric Emergency Medicine (PEM) Course, expect the remainder of the course to be under development in the next couple of months. ACCS, CT3 and CESR course will allow follow shortly, we are taking the opportunity to update the tasks before launching each module.

There are also a series of bespoke cases (wikis) to help consolidate the learning from the tasks, and these accompany the Foundation, ACCS and CT3 courses.

We have also developed a series of clinical governance cases - you can find these in the mini-teach blog and we will update these with a new case every month.

Simulation is playing an ever increasing role in medical education and we are also blogging the feedback from our sim program. If you sim we would love to hear about problems or solutions you have encountered along the way.

On top of this there may well be some more surprises as the website develops, until then we invite you to come learn with us...

(P.S. follow along on Twitter: @EM3FOAMed)