Extended Supervised Learning Event (ESLE) are 1-on-1 training sessions that focus on non-technical skills. Each should take a total of 3 hours to complete – 2 hours of observation and 1 hour for discussion and feedback (including the completion of the ESLE form).

Where do they take place?

The 2 hours of observation should occur on the shop floor. The trainee will be working as normal (done during their clinical shift) and the consultant will be 100% supernumerary (i.e. not clinical). Feedback should occur away from the shop floor. iPads are available from the Education team to aid completion of the form if required.

Which consultants can do ESLEs?

All FRCEM consultants can do ESLEs for the RCEM portfolio. The 1st ESLE for all trainees must be done with their Educational or Clinical Supervisor within 3 months of commencing their post. A 2nd or 3rd ELSE can then be done by any other consultant.

How is the initial ESLE organised?

Trainees and their Educational Supervisor will set a date for their initial meeting. It is the trainees’ responsibility to inform the Education Administrator of when this is happening so it can be logged in the education diary (this includes if for any reason the timing of the session is changed).

How are the 2nd and 3rd ELSE organised?

Trainees can book their follow-up ESLEs using the booking system above, or by contacting the Education Administrator.